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  • The observation type passenger car used in the film called the 'Denehotso' is being restored and is now located at the Arizona Railway Musuem in Chandler AZ.
  • The idea for Terror Train came from a dream that 'Dan Grodnik' had. One weekend night after seeing the films Halloween (1978) and Silver Streak (1976), Dan woke up and said to his wife, "What do you think about putting Halloween on a train? His wife answered, "That's terrible. He jotted down "Terrible Train" on a piece of paper on his nightstand. In the morning he changed the title to TERROR TRAIN, wrote up 22 pages, and made a deal on it with Sandy Howard's company at 3 in the afternoon.
  • Jamie Lee Curtis shot this film back to back with the similarly themed slasher film Prom Night (1980) in late 1979. Both films were shot in Canada; Prom Night in Toronto and Terror Train in Montreal.
  • Shot in four weeks.
  • Filmed aboard actual train cars that were converted to allow space for large camera equipment for the production.
  • The debut film of director Roger Spottiswoode.
  • Along with Halloween (1978) and Prom Night (1980), this film would give actress Jamie Lee Curtis the title of 'Scream Queen' because of her frequent appearances in horror films early in her career.
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