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After being a target of a prank gone wrong at a college, a teenager is sent to a mental ward and never heard from again. Some college students decide to have a costume party on a train four years later, but what they dont know is that that the teen is not in a mental ward, he's on the train and ready for some juicy revenge! What I really liked about Terror Train is that it has this whole mystery feel to it even though you see the killer murdering at different times during the movie. You never see his face because of the costume party. It is a rumor that afterwards, the director had bad feelings about doing the movie, but I dont know why, I think he did an fantastic job. Terror Train's film tagline says: "It's Halloween on a train" which of course was a exploitation tactic to get people in the theatre, but on the other hand it does star Jamie Lee Curtis so you cant really accuse them of false advertisement can you? Can you think of another slasher movie that stars both Jamie Lee Curtis and David Copperfield? I surely cant think of one. Terror Train is an average slasher movie at best but with an awesome twist ending. --Me - 12/2/07

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