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  • An American novelist named Peter Neal (Anthony Franciosa) travels to Rome to promote his new book Tenebre. When he arrives, brutal murders begin occuring which seem to be inspired by his book. The beautiful cinematography in the film is directly opposite from a film like Suspiria. Instead of being very dark but ultra-colorful, this one is very sunny/bright with lots of muted colors, except for the red blood of course. The film has several eye-catching sequences that Argento fans will surely enjoy including a very long tracking shot from one side of a house to another and a great watchdog chase. The finale of the film featuring Giuliano Gemma's detective character and the killer is about as violent as Argento has ever gotten. The score by three members of Goblin (they weren't able to use the name due to rights issues) is a more techno based style. One of the best scores from Argento's films. --Pete
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