Teenage Psycho Killer

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Teenage Psycho Killer (1975, Canada) is a Crime film directed by Murray Markowitz

Teenage Psycho Killers.jpg

Main Details

  • Release date: 1975(Can), 1976(USA)
  • Rated: R
  • Colour
  • Running Time:92 min
  • Production Co: Paradise Films
  • Distribution Co. Cinema Shares International Distribution [us], Astral Films
  • Directed by Murray Markowitz
  • Written By Fabian Jennings, Murray Markowitz, Joe Wiesenfeld
  • Starring: Andrew Skidd, Robb Rudd, Karen Martin
  • Produced by Murray Markowitz, James P. Lewis, Alfred M. Berman, Edward Watcha
  • Music by Don Gillis
  • Cinematography by Richard Leiterman
  • Film Editing George Appleby

Also Known As

  • Recommendation For Mercy (Can)
  • Wir empfehlen: Begnadigung (E. Germany)


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