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  • I wish I could say I loved this movie but it really wasn't much of an entertaining experience for me. Johnny Legend's Teenage Cruisers plays like a mix of American Graffiti meets a Russ Meyer flick...only its nowhere near as good as those films. Add to that a rockabilly score and a late 70s Hollywood backdrop. The movie really has no story, its basically a bunch of wacky characters driving around in cars and in between that theres Johnny Legend playing a radio DJ delivering all kinds of rhyming monologues. Theres some inserted XXX footage of guys (like John Holmes) and girls having sex. If you love 70s porno where everyone has super hairy bush beards, then maybe you'll dig it. Damn, I can't stand hairy 70s porn films. I can't give my reccomendation on this film simply because it didn't deliver for me. Its definitely a hairy sex ridden, down n dirty low budget Grindhouse film, but its also boring. --Pete R.
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