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  • After a local girl is murdered by a mysterious killer, a small town is up in arms. The only lead they have comes from an eyewitness who saw a quick glimpse of the killer wearing the jacket of the local gang called The Fastbacks. The police quickly haul in the members. Each one has an allibi except for a kid named Jimmy who wasn't at home the night the killing occured. Now he is the main suspect. The police let the kids go anyways since they have no real proof. Jimmy tells his parents about whats happening and his father gets very angry at him and tells him "he can't leave his room anymore by jupiter!" Jimmy's little brother Mikey tries to console him but Jimmy gets annoyed and shoves Mikey back with his feet. Very funny scene. This Mikey kid was a bit...girlish. I kept laughing everytime he showed up on screen. Meanwhile, more killings begin occuring in the area. Noone knows what to do. Jimmy plans on splitting and living in some other town since he's thought to be the teen-age strangler. But not before him and another gang member have a drag race to see who's the better man! This is a movie that you'd see at a drive-in back in the 60s and not really remember after it was over. Very much by the numbers "killer on the loose" movie with no blood shown or anything to give it some real kick. --Pete
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