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Tattoo (1981, USA) is a Thriller directed by Bob Brooks


Main Details

  • Released in 1981
  • Color
  • Running time: 103 minutes
  • Distributed by 20th Century Fox
  • Directed by Bob Brooks
  • Produced by Joseph E. Levine, Richard P. Levine
  • Written by Bob Brooks (story), Joyce Buñuel
  • Starring Bruce Dern, Maud Adams
  • Music by Barry De Vorzon
  • Cinematography Arthur J. Ornitz, Michael Serezin
  • Edited by Thom Noble

Plot Summary

  • Unbalanced tattoo artist Karl Kinsky grows obsessed with Maddy, a model he meets when he's hired for a photo shoot. As Karl's obsession grows, he determines that Maddy should bear his mark forever.


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