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  • Tarz (Patrick M. Wright) lives happily with Jane (Tallie Cochrane) and Boy (Uncle Tom) in the jungle, until one day Boy is in a serious situation because a crocodile tries to attack him...'Tarz to the rescue'... while fighting he loses his dick. What now? Jane gets an idea to go to the Wango Wango land 'coz word in the jungle is they have this ceremony that brings the dick back. On their way they meet Wanda (Georgina Spelvin) and her horny asisstant (who is gay and always touching Boy). Wanda wanted to steal the treasure of the tribe so the Wango Wangos get unfriendly. After some softcore and hardcore scenes Tarz gets his dick back and even larger than before (Jane loves it). End of the story...Tarz goes swimming and a crocodile again shows up and guess what? The film on DVD is only in Full Screen (1.33:1). The funniest character to me was Cheeta (the gorilla). When you know or see the film you will know what I mean. But whatever, it's pure trash and sleaze. Only recommended when you invite your buddies over and have some beers. -- GBS
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