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  • Peter Duffell passed on the chance to direct this picture.
  • Peter Cushing is said to "act as himself" in this movie: Cushing's wife had died recently and he was very depressed; while Cushing's character is a widower who uses a ouija to talk with his dead wife.
  • Ralph Richardson filmed his major role in a day.
  • Richard Greene was second choice to play Ralph Jason.
  • Peter Cushing was originally intended to play Ralph Jason, but after looking at the script he persuaded the producers that he would do more justice to the role of Mr. Grimsdyke
  • Last full length cinema film of Robert Hutton.
  • Robert Zemeckis has said this is his favorite movie to watch on Halloween since it was released. he later produced a HBO show based off the comic series and directed the first episode, which was also the first story in the movie.
  • The script under went many drafts, most changes involving the crypt keeper himself. First draft had him talking to the audience directly, the third draft did not contain a crypt keeper, and by the sixth draft it was decided he would interact with people in the stories.
  • Peter Cushing wanted to do the movie so much that he took a lower fee.
  • Stephen King and George A. Romero considered remaking this movie together. Their work together resulted in a completely separate but similar film, Creepshow.
  • Director Freddie Francis never read the original comics, fearing it would affect his personal interpretations on the stories.
  • Robin Phillips was only cast as James because original choice Ralph Bates was not free.
  • David Markham had also played Robin Phillips's father 3 years earlier in Two Gentlemen Sharing.
  • Despite being top of the bill and one of the six leads Joan Collins has only 15 lines.
  • Only two stories in this film - "Reflection of Death" and "Blind Alleys" - originally appeared in EC Comics' "Tales from the Crypt." "...And All Through the House" appeared in "The Vault of Horror" and "Poetic Justice" and "Wish You Were Here" both appeared in "The Haunt of Fear."
  • "Wishing You Were Here" has a scene where Barbara Murray eviscerates Richard Greene with a sword, exposing his intestines. This scene was originally cut in order to get a PG rating, although it was restored in later versions.
  • The role of Mr. Grimsdyke was at first a tiny non speaking role but was greatly expanded when Peter Cushing took a interest in the role.
  • The second most successful film to released in the USA in 1972. Only The Godfather took more more.
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