TNT Jackson

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Main Details

  • Released in 1976 | Color
  • Running Time: UK:68 min | USA:72 min
  • Production Co: New World Pictures | Premiere Productions
  • Distribution Co: New World Pictures (1975) (USA) (theatrical) | International Film Distributors (1975) (Canada) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Cirio Santiago
  • Written by Ken Metcalfe, Dick Miller
  • Starring Jeannie Bell, Stan Shaw, Pat Anderson, Ken Metcalfe, Chiquito, Imelda Ilanan, Leo Martinez
  • Produced by Roger Corman, Cirio H. Santiago
  • Cinematography by Felipe Sacdalan
  • Film Editing by Barbara Pokras, Gervacio Santos


  • Spine Shattering - Bone Blasting | She'll put you in traction. | She's A One Mama Massacre Squad!


T.N.T. Jackson is a 1975 American blaxploitation film directed by Cirio H. Santiago. The film is also known as Dynamite Jackson (French video title), Dynamite Wong and TNT Jackson (Philippine English title). The script was originally written by actor Dick Miller, but Roger Corman had it rewritten. The film is about Diana Jackson (aka TNT), who learns her brother is missing. She suspects a powerful gangster and his friends are behind the disappearance. Determined to get at the truth, she goes to Hong Kong, and along with a friend named Joe, wages war on the criminal gang she's out to nail. (Wikipedia)

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