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What caught my attention about this one was the revenge plot-outline it had. I'm not used to seeing a whole lot of "Revenge" flicks set during the "Metro Drive In" times, so I figured what the heck. Let's give this one a spin.

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Local mob leader, Alex Hendricks (Ed Nelson) orders a warehouse robbery which results in the death of the watchman. The watchman's son, Frank Simmons (John Brinkley, who also was co-writer) arrives to witness his dad's dying breath. Young Frank vows revenge. What follows is sort of a standard, by-the-numbers thriller of Frank infiltrating Alex's gang as one of the new thugs who hopes to set the gang up and vanquish his dad's killer in the end. Since this is an all too familiar scenario, it's just best to watch this film and take in the perspective of a 50's mindset back when this was a fresh idea. At least that's what I kept in mind while watching the movie and it worked out quite alright for me.

But one nitpick I have with the movie is (Surprise, Surprise) the film's misleading title. I was expecting some sort of carsploitation tie-in with "T-Birds" being mentioned. But no "Gearhead" stuff to be seen in this one, folks. But what it does have is a crazy, jazzy musical score and (A first for me) a momentary break for the reel change!

Reviewed by Laydback

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