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Superstition (1982, Canada) is a Horror film directed by James W. Roberson


Main Details

  • Release Year: 1982
  • Color
  • Running Time: 85 minutes
  • Rating: Unrated
  • Distribution company: Almi Pictures
  • Production Co.: Carolco Entertainment
  • Director: James W. Roberson
  • Writer (s): Bret Thompson Plate (story), Michael O. Sajbel (story), Brad White (story), Galen Thompson (screenplay)
  • Stars: Albert Salmi, James Houghton, Larry Pennell, Billy Jacoby, Heidi Bohay, Maylo McCaslin.
  • Producers: Mario Kassar, Andrew Vajna, Ed Carlin, Robert Lloyd Lewis, Michael O. Sajbel, John D. Schwartz.
  • Cinematographer: Leon Blank, Enzo Giobbe, Lee Madden.
  • Composer: David Gibney
  • Editor: Al Rabinowitz

Also Known As

  • The Witch (USA)


  • You'll believe it just before you die...
  • should have believed.
  • The victims who died were the lucky ones.
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