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  • A young girl named Cookie (Melissa Leo) ends up with her younger brother in New York. She meets Duke (Dale Midkiff) and starts to work as a prostitute for him. Everything seems to be fine. She falls in love with him, until Duke beats one of her hooker friends to death. Scared and shocked by this, Cookie runs away to Jason (Leon) and makes a deal with him: Get rid of Duke and then she will work for him. The Duke escapes the attempted hit and tries to take revenge. Will he succeed? I didn't know Roger Corman produced this film. Nevertheless, the story was interesting and the actors did a brilliant job. Lots of nudity in it and a Russian Roulette scene. Worth a watch so check it out. You won't be wasting your time. By the way "Huggybear" (Antonio Fargas) from Starsky & Hutch is also in the movie. --GBS
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