Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter/Soundtrack

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Freaky fuzzy grooves from two obscure Nikkatsu movies -- both of them scored by So Kaburagi in a great blend of heavy drums and tripped-out guitar -- with lots of funky moments throughout! The music here almost outdoes some of the best psyche-inspired soundtracks from the US and Europe in the late 60s -- and like some of the best of those, Kaburagi brings in some slight jazz undercurrents as well -- softening things briefly in a few romantic moments with a saxophone, but mostly relying on fuzzy guitar, go-go drums, and a bit of organ to keep most of the tunes going. A few numbers feature larger backings, and from what we can tell, most of the work here is instrumental only -- a whopping 28 tracks in all, with all titles and notes (Dusty Groove)

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