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  • Yasuhare Hasebe returns the series closer to its origins after Toshiya Fujita’s slacker vacation Wild Jumbo. Akiko Wada and motorcycles are still missing, but the overwhelming girl power and endless rock n’ roll are back. Meiko Kaji has finally been granted the lead role as a leader of a girl gang. She’s now acts much cooler and less cute than the characters she played in the previous films, but it’s very much needed as Tatsuya Fuji, who got to play a good guy Wild Jumbo, is back and meaner than ever. Kaji gets in a tight spot when she gets involved with a half-japanese man (Rikiya Yasuoka) looking for his sister, while at the same time Fuji has decided to declare war on all half-breeds stealing their women! Generally considered the best film the series, Sex Hunter is a violent dynamite pack with only one flaw; Fuji’s characters is actually a bit too mean and it takes some time before his victims are able to stand up and fight back. The finale however is very satisfying and makes you forget any small flaws that may have preceded. The title, Sex Hunter, is nothing but a marketing gimmick by the Nikkatsu Studios. There’s neither sex nor sex hunters in the film. --Hung Fist
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