Straight To Hell

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Straight To Hell (1987, USA/UK/Spain) is an action-comedy film directed by Alex Cox.


Main Details

  • Released in 1987
  • Color
  • Running time: 86 minutes/91 minutes (2010 director's cut)
  • Production Co: Commies From Mars Corporation/Initial Pictures
  • Distribution Co: Island Pictures/J&M Entertainment/Alliance (1987) (Canada) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Alex Cox
  • Written by Alex Cox, Dick Rude, (Based on Django Kill...If You Live, Shoot! by Franco Arcalli, Giulio Questi, María del Carmem Martínez Román, Benedetto Benedetti (uncredited))
  • Starring Dick Rude, Sy Richardson, Courtney Love, Joe Strummer, Dennis Hopper, Xander Berkeley, Grace Jones, Elvis Costello, Jim Jarmusch
  • Music by Pray for Rain
  • Cinematography by Donald McAlpine
  • Edited by David Martin
  • Produced by Eric Fellner

Plot Summary

  • A gang of bank robbers with a suitcase full of money go to the desert to hide out. After burying the loot, they find their way to a surreal town full of cowboys who drink an awful lot of coffee. The townspeople are hostile to the outsiders at first, but seem to accept them once they've killed a couple of people. After a while, a mysterious man named Dade arrives, who seems to have unpleasant business to settle with the robbers. A free-for-all shoot-em-up ensues.


  • A story of blood, money, guns, coffee, and sexual tension.
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