Special Effects

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Special Effects (1984, USA) is a Thriller film directed by Larry Cohen
  • Synopsis: A filmmaker (Eric Bogosian) kills a model (Zoë Tamerlis) on camera, then makes a movie about it with her husband (Brad Rijn) and a look-alike.
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Main Details

  • Released in 1984
  • Color
  • Running time: 93 minutes
  • Production Co: Hemdale Film Corporation
  • Distribution Co: New Line Cinema
  • Directed by Larry Cohen
  • Produced by Paul Kurta
  • Written by Larry Cohen
  • Starring Zoe Lund, Eric Bogosian
  • Music by Michael Minard
  • Cinematography by Paul Glickman
  • Edited by Armond Lebowitz

Also Known As

  • Spain - Efectos especiales
  • Finland - Kalmansilmä
  • France - Special Effects
  • Greece (video title) O thanatos sou... i tainia mou!
  • Hungary - Hollywood Kills
  • Poland - Effekkty specjalne
  • Portugal - Efeitos Especiais
  • USA (working title) Cutting Room
  • Germany - Hollywood Kills


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