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For starters, this movie is extremely difficult to follow. The storyline is all over the place and tends to go nowhere. The first time I saw this film was when it was first released at the National Theater on 44th and Broadway. I made the mistake of buying an eighth of some China White from someone in the men's room. Afraid of being punked in the restroom for my drugs, I went back into the theatre to wait awhile and to check the goods. I pulled the shit out of my pocket to check it out, when all of the sudden, I saw a white flash and suddenly my head hurt like hell. I then looked over my left shoulder and saw a fist with brass knuckles punching me in the face.


When I came to, my drugs were gone, my wallet was missing and my last $60 was stolen. Oh well, that's New fuckin' York for you! The second time I went to see this film, I took three hits of some really good white blotter in hopes to see some good snuff action. Word on the street was that this film actually had a real murder in the film. The acid kicked in so hard and I went into my own little world. I tried as hard as I could to follow the storyline, but nothing made sense to me at all. I figured that it was the acid and my mind wouldn't focus on the film, but I then looked around and saw that nobody was paying attention and were too busy making drug deals, doing drugs and turning tricks. Well, looks like I'm not the only one who can't follow the movie.

Roberta and Mike Findley made this piece of shit movie, which was originally titled: "Slaughter". This movie sucked so bad that they shot a scene that looked like a snuff scene and added it to the end of the movie. They then started a rumor that they taped this film in Argentina. They started spreading rumors about snuff films and tipped off reporters, made fake press releases about the film and hired protesters to protest this film. The media jumped all over this, thus starting the urban legend of snuff films. The hype was so strong on this film that the Findley's got it booked at several theatres in New York and made a fuck load of money off of it too. To this day, people still talk about a friend of a friend who has seen a snuff film. Authorities investigated to see if there really was such a thing as snuff films and have always come up empty handed.

So with all of this hype that they caused, what is this movie all about anyways? Well there is a man named Satahn, who is a cult leader and has several girls that obey all of his wishes. He has them commit murders for him and has them attempt to kill a pregnant lady to give Satahn super powers or some shit like that. The movie starts off with some biker chicks and a rip off song of "Born To Be Wild" playing over and over. They find this girl and they torment her and then finally pulls out a knife and begins cutting into her foot. Satahn then tells the girls that they must obey them or they will die. They finally let the girl go and tell her that she's lucky that Satahn didn't have her killed. They then shoot her up with some heroin or something like that. Then there's a guy named Max and a girl named Terry that get off of a plane and he gets mad at her for talking about raising money for some kind of movie. Max says, "Max Marsh doesn't need anybody to raise money for him."

The strange thing about this movie is the characters are always using Max's name in third person. It gets so confusing because they'll be standing there talking to him and they'll say his full name. And when Max is talking about himself, he does the same. Like I said, this has to be one of the hardest movies to follow and getting the characters confused is very easy too. They then go to the place that they're staying and Terry goes to the pool. Suddenly there's this other girl there and Terry isn't there anymore, or I think it suppose to be a different scene but with the same pool. I have no fucking idea!


Then there's a guy name Horst on the phone for Terry and wants her to meet him at the yacht club. Horst then tells the girl in the pool that he's meeting up with Terry. The girl at the pool, well I guess her name is Angelica; she's all into that Satahn cult. Satahn tell her that she needs to bear Horst's child Horst gets it on with Terry and tells her that he doesn't like Max and she shouldn't do the picture with him. Suddenly Terry is pregnant with Horst's baby and Angelica is pissed off. Then Max takes her to a Mardi Gras type of fair. Max then tries to get it on with her and she has to push him away. There's a guy in disguise spying on them, which we assume that it's Horst. Horst then grabs her from the crowd, but she doesn't realize who he is because he's in a disguise. She's all freaked out and then finally finds out that it's Horst. Then Angelica grabs Max and hooks up with him, but he thinks it's Terry. Fuck! This movie sucks so much ass!!!! Anyways, Angelica kills Max.

Satahn decides to fuck with Angelica, so Satahn and some of the cult girls abuse her. He makes her beg not to kill her and then he has sex with her. The cult chicks then rob a store and gun down a lady with her kid standing there. They go to Horst's house and kill some girl that he was sleeping with and then they kill Horst, Horst's dad and then stabs the pregnant Terry in the gut with a knife.

Thank god that the awful movie is over. Oh yeah, now for the fake snuff scene. The movie cuts as if the cast and crew are wrapping up a movie. They keep the film rolling and the director starts making out with one of the girls in the film and then gets violent with her, cuts off her finger, stabs her and then pulls out her intestines. Trust me, this movie would be so much better if they cut the entire film and just had the three minutes of him torturing and killing this girl. This movie sucks so fucking bad. I would have to say that this might be one of the worst films I've ever attempted to sit through.

Reviewed by Horace Bones