Snake in The Monkey's Shadow

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Main Details

  • Released in 1979 | Color
  • Running Time: 100 Min.
  • Distribution Co: 21st Century Distribution (1980) (USA) (theatrical) (dubbed)
  • Directed by Sum Cheung
  • Starring Kang-Yeh Cheng, John Cheung, Tin Hei Tong, Wilson Tong
  • Produced by Alex Gouw
  • Music by Chow Fook-liang
  • Cinematography by Fan Chuan-lin

Also Known As

  • Cuore di leone, palma d'acciaio (Italy)
  • Snake Fist vs. the Dragon
  • 2 tödliche Fäuste im Schatten der Schlange (Germany)
  • Zwei tödliche Fäuste im Schatten der Schlange (Germany)
  • Hau Jing Kau Sau / Hou Xing Kou Shou

Fighting Techniques

Drunken Style: This style is primarily used to deceive the enemy. The practioner will stumble as if drunk on wine but will then strike while in the weakened looking position. Drunken style is often used after drinking wine. Monkey Style: This style is patterned after the movement and stance of the monkey. The practioner will hold his arms in a cross pattern, hands facing downward while crouching low to the ground, legs bent. Variations include a dance like jump and spin and flipping forwards/backwards. Snake Style: Patterned after the motion and attack position of a cobra, the practioner holds one arm in an S-shape with hand facing down, the other arm is bent under the opposing elbow to support it. Variations on attacking an enemy include: wiggling the arm like a slithering snake to scrape an opponent and the forceful cobra-like striking motion to stab/grab. Tiger Style: The practioner holds both hands in a semi clenched fist resembling paws and pounces forward in a tiger-like manner to punch and grab the opponent.
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