Snake in The Eagle's Shadow/Fun Facts

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  • 'Jackie Chan' got his front tooth knocked out by the powerful kick of Jang Lee Hwang. In the finale, the gap where Chan's tooth was is clearly seen.
  • While filming a sword fight, Chan's arm was accidentally slashed by a sword. He went on fighting, and the footage appears in the film.
  • Some of the assistant martial arts choreographers for 'Snake in the Eagle's Shadow' followed by 'Drunken Master' were Cory Yuen and his two brothers, Yuen Chun-Wei and Yuen Shun-Yi.
  • Like most movies released in Hong Kong during that time, its original soundtrack is dubbed in Mandarin, not Cantonese. The Cantonese soundtrack was dubbed years later when Cantonese became the predominant language used in the Hong Kong movies in the 1980s.
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