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  • Nikkatsu. Oniroku Dan. Masaki Ran. You know what you’ll get. 30 minutes of warm up, and then 30 minutes of non-stop sexual humiliation torture. All the nasty tricks are included (laxative torture etc.). Director Shogoro Nishimura, who has helmed some equally offputting genre landmarks in the past, manages to display some visual skill in the early scenes, though. The boredom part – or, that’s how I see it at least - follows, but once the closing closes, the director strikes again. The ending is a real stunner. But, it’s kinda late. Too much hebi before the reward. For those who want to see miss Masaki and her big tits Beautiful Teacher in Torture Hell is a less disturbing and more coherent option. Hebi to muchi does stock its shock value, though, but is that enough to get you through the film? Or is that what you’re looking for? If you know the genre, you probably don’t have to think twice --HungFist
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