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Sleepaway Camp definitely stands out from the other slasher ripoffs for many reasons that will be included in this review. On initial release of the film, the original art work, which can be seen on the Anchor Bay released Sleepaway Camp DVD box set, was recalled because of the Red Cross.

The film starts off with a family having a good time swimming in a lake. Then we see a careless couple, fooling around with each other, driving a speed boat around the lake. Not seeing where they are going the couple accidentally drives into the family swimming, resulting in death for all but Angela.

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Now jump to present day. Fourteen year old Angela now lives with her Aunt Martha and cousin Ricky. Aunt Martha is sending Angela and Ricky off to a summer camp called Camp Arawak. When they arrive, most of the girls and boys are picking on Angela because of her shyness, all except for Paul, who is starting to become close friends with Angela. Her cousin, Ricky has to pick up for her. Ricky's aggression towards the other campers for picking on Angela is unnatural at times.

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So now the killings begin. People start dropping like flies and are killed in all sorts of creative ways, like being boiled alive, stung to death by bees and even killed by a hair curler! Is it Angela? Is it Ricky? Or could it even be Aunt Martha? Watch the film to see one of the most shocking endings in slasher history!

I'm going to start off by saying the film is worth watching just for the ending alone. The movie becomes slow at times but overall is very entertaining. Most of the kills were written and shot well and work out to be very suspenseful.

Reviewed by Jjp

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