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  • Region 1
  • Studio: Anchor Bay
  • DVD COMMENTS: I have seen two versions of the film on DVD. The Anchor Bay and Pro-Active versions. By far the Anchor Bay version is much better. The enhanced picture quality is so much more watchable then the shitty Pro-Active one, which looks like a really horrible VHS direct transfer. The Pro-Active DVD is bare bones whereas the Anchor Bay version includes a Trailer and an Audio Commentary with director Robert Hiltzik, Star Felissa Rose and moderator, Jeff Hayes. Anchor Bay version is presented in Anamorphic Wide screen 1:85, compared to the full screen of pro-active. I have never seen the box set version, but it was released by Anchor Bay also, so it is probably equally as good if not better than there original release of it on DVD. - Jjp - 9/18/07
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