Silent Rage

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Silent Rage (1982, USA) is a Horror-Thriller film directed by Michael Miller

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Main Details

  • Released in 1982
  • Color
  • Running Time: 96 Min
  • Production Co: Columbia Pictures Corporation | Topkick Productions
  • Distribution Co: Columbia Pictures (1982) (USA) (theatrical) | Succéfilm AB (1984) (Sweden) (theatrical)
  • Directed by Michael Miller
  • Written by Joseph Fraley, Edward Di Lorenzo
  • Starring Chuck Norris, Ron Silver, Steven Keats, Toni Kalem, William Finley, Brian Libby, Stephen Furst, Stephanie Dunnam, Joyce Ingle, Jay De Plano, Lillette Zoe Raley
  • Produced by Andy Howard, Paul Lewis, Aaron Norris, Anthony B. Unger
  • Original Music by Peter Bernstein, Mark Goldenberg
  • Cinematography by Robert C. Jessup, Neil Roach
  • Film Editing by Richard C. Meyer

Also Known As

  • Brazil - Fúria Silenciosa
  • Denmark - Dræbermaskinen
  • Spain - Furia silenciosa
  • Finland - Mieletön raivo
  • France - Horreur dans la ville
  • Greece - Orgismenos ekdikitis
  • Hungary - Néma düh
  • Italy - Terrore in città
  • Norway - Dødsmaskinen
  • Poland - Utajona furia
  • Portugal - Raiva Silenciosa
  • Sweden - Dödsmaskinen
  • Turkey - Sessiz öfke
  • Germany - Das stumme Ungeheuer


  • The king of martial arts versus a bionic killing machine!
  • He's an indestructible man fused with powers beyond comprehension. An unstoppable terror who in one final showdown, will push Chuck Norris to his limits. And beyond.
  • Martial Arts Master Versus Superhuman Killing Machine!
  • Science created him. Now Chuck Norris must destroy him.
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