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  • Despite the title this Chusei Sone film bears little in common with Kurosawa’s classic Rashomon... not to mention only a part of the film is set in the Showa period. The movie begins as a rather dry pink drama about marquis Katsuragawa (Hideaki Ezumi) whose prostitute mistress (Hitomi Kozue) bears him twins. After giving birth she takes the baby girl with her and leaves the boy to Katsuragawa. This is when the movie gets interesting. After 19 years Katsuragawa finally meets his daughter for the first time. Soon after the twins also meet each other by chance - without knowing they that they are actually are related – and fall in love. Naked Rashomon is not your standard Nikkatsu offering. The surreal scenes and twists make the film more challenging than most genre films. Unlike many other Roman Porno productions this one requires some concentration and brainwork. Taking a quick look at credits explains some of the content and style; Sone started his career as Seijun Suzuki’s assistant director, while screenwriter Atsushi Yamatoya is the man who wrote Branded to Kill. There’s also an interesting twist in the cast; leading stars Ezumi and Kozue appear in double roles; they play both the parents and their children, sometimes within the same scene. --HungFist
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