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  • To be perfectly honest this beloved Chang Cheh classic has a rather boring start. The plotting and storyline seem hardly exciting and there’s no real focus on any specific character. The most enjoyable scenes are those silly comedic bits involving a couple of cute girls... somewhat unexpected in Cheh’s overly masculine world. Thankfully the film turns far more interesting after the first half an hour. Our heroes (lead by the charmant Alexander Fu Sheng and Chi Kuan-chi) travel to study under a variety of martial arts masters who can teach them the techniques that can be used to beat the seemingly invincible enemy. From this point on the film concentrates on showcasing lengthy and exceptionally good (partly thanks to the epic score) training sequences. The action choreography is by Liu Chia Liang. Liu Chia Hui can be seen in a supporting role as one of the heroes. --HungFist
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