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  • Apart from a couple of small flaws, this is a stunning transfer. The usual Toei first frame print damage is there to be found and this time I actually noticed it once or twice. The English dialogue is also unnecessarily subtitled. Some shots appear slightly soft, however, others show plenty of detail and there’s also the slightest amount of grain, which is probably due to the original source material. Other than those very minor flaws, the disc is absolutely gorgeous. A Toei beater even. Great colours and contrast and very, very little edge enhancement (depending on your setting, you may not be able to notice it at all). Subtitles seemed great to me (with all signs translated). Extras include commentary by Chris D, photo and poster galleries, original trailer, production notes, Toei’s Bad Girl Cinema essay and biographies for Suzuki, Ike and Lindberg. These also feature some nice photos of persons and film artwork. And, finally, the menus are very nice and anamorphic. Original pressing (probably OOP by now) came with a sticker and nice see-through case. Overall excellent work from Panik House. -HungFist