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  • Nikkatsu’s SM line suffers from some serious lack of originality. First of all, they all have the same structure (10 minutes of plot in the beginning, followed by 60 minutes of sm torture) and only three different endings; a) the girl escapes but returns out of her own will because she’s started to like it; b) she escapes but continues activities sm on her own time because she digs it now; or c) she doesn’t even attempt to escape because she’s feeling too comfortable with being tortured. Maybe the reason for this is that these films are all based on the novels by Oniroku Dan (more or less). Secretary Rope Disciplineis no exception.However, if I actually digged this genre that I’ve been watching a lot recently (oh shit, now realized a connection between me and those poor lead characters in these film) I might like Secretary Rope Discipline, too. It’s a got a somewhat decent soundtrack, and I can’t deny the evil company boss’ little cousin being a pretty hot lady. There’s a half-mute tattoo maniac, too, but he’s not as much fun as you’d expect. The lead role is played by the 2nd generation sm queen Junko Mabuki, whose career in the genre only lasted for a couple of years as her health gave up under the ropes. --HungFist
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