Secret Agent Super Dragon

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Secret Agent Super Dragon (1966, Italy) is a Spy film directed by Giorgio Ferroni.

Secret Agent Super Dragon

Main Details

  • Released in 1966
  • Color
  • Running Time: 100 Min.
  • Distribution Co: United Screen Arts (USA)
  • Directed by Giorgio Ferroni (as Calvin Jackson Padget)
  • Produced by Roberto Amoroso
  • Written by Giorgio Ferroni (as Calvin Jackson Padget), Remigio Del Grosso, Bill Coleman, Mike Mitchell
  • Starring: Ray Danton, Marisa Mell, Margaret Lee
  • Music by Benedetto Ghiglia
  • Cinematography Antonio Secchi
  • Edited by Antonietta Zita (as Rosemary Ware)


The plot centers on a secret agent and an evil organization that is drugging people for world domination. After his colleague is killed, the eponymous Secret Agent Super Dragon comes out of retirement to investigate. The main character discovers that the culprits in this crime are actually part of an international crime syndicate, and that they are smuggling the drugs in imported vases. (Wikipedia)

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