Scream of the Demon Lover

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Scream of the Demon Lover is a horror movie by Jose Luis Merino.


Main Details

  • Released on October 8, 1970 (Italy)
  • Color
  • Running time: 98 minutes
  • Production Co.: Hispamer Films | Prodimex Film | Órbita Films
  • Distribution Co.: New World Pictures (dubbed)
  • Directed by José Luis Merino
  • Written by Enrico Colombo, Enrico Colombo, María del Carmen Martínez Román
  • Starring: Erna Schurer, Carlos Quiney, Agostina Belli
  • Producer: Roger Corman (uncredited)

Plot Summary

  • A beautiful young woman travels to a remote estate to seek employment as a biochemist for Baron Janos Dalmar. She finds herself attracted to him, so immerses herself in her work to suppress her lusty desires. A rash of rather brutal murders occurs in the area and she soon discovers that the Baron is not what he seems. Not long thereafter, the Baron transforms into a demon, and the beautiful young woman becomes his very own love slave.

Also known as

  • Il castello dalle porte di fuoco (original title)
  • Das Geheimnis von Schloß Monte Christo
  • Altar of Blood
  • Blood Castle
  • Killers of the Castle of Blood
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