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Scream Bloody Murder doesn't waste a lot of time in getting it's point across. With barely a minute into the movie, we see the sight of a man being killed by his son when the kid, Matthew, takes over the sterring wheel of a tractor. Matthew plows over his daddy, but when escaping from the tractor, Matthew's left hand gets caught under the wheels and ends up badly damaged (Cue opening title!) We flash-forward about 10 years later when a recuperated Matthew is set to be released from the hospital. This is disorientating at first because in the script, Matthew is clearly supposed to be a teenager. But when we see the grown up version of Matthew (Fred Holbert), the actor playing him is nowhere near looking like a teen. With that of the way, Matthew is eager to re-unite with his mother and becomes tepid to show off his newly-made claw (This being several years before Rolling Thunder, mind you). Everyone thinks that Matthew's father was killed in an accident, but what they don't know is that Matthew is just one screwed up puppy. He seems to go by a similar set of the "Naughty" rules that were implied by Billy in Silent Night, Deadly Night. Matthew gets repulsed at seeing the sight of people being in love with each other. But at least he has a good reason for that. And that reason is that his mind gets plagued with visuals of demonic forces taunting Matthew into killing people. Matthew also just wants to set his mother "free" from being held captive by her lover. This certainly doesn't bode well for Matt's new stepfather! Matt solves the problem by butchering his step-daddy with an axe and assures his mom that they're free of him. But in a poor excuse for an accidental death scene, Matthew's mom kicks the bucket by falling head-first onto a rock. Now all alone, Matthew sets out into the world (While killing a few more people along the way) he eventually runs into a hooker with a heart of gold named Vera (Leigh Mitchell). Matthew just wants to be good friends with her and proves his love by saying that he's extremely wealthy and lives in a mansion. Of course, this is all a lie, but all you have to do is give Matthew about 20 minutes and he'll make that a reality! Sure enough, he plans a home invasion on the nearest mansion,slays all the inhabitants, and crowns himself king! Now Matthew is able to persuade Vera (Who he nicknames, "Daisy") into having a date with him at his new "home". But poor Vera will have no idea that Matthew will never let her go....Never.

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Though very rough around the edges, Scream Bloody Murder comes close to becoming a great example of how you can make something out of nothing. Though it lacks plenty of technical support, it mostly strives on the story treatment by leaving the viewer hanging on what this nutty character of Matthew is bound to do next. Which I must say was a relief because it's slasher structure was on the verge of overstaying it's welcome (But I admit that it's easy to let this slide since this film was years ahead of the slasher craze) but the movie seems to regain new ground when it turns into an abduction thriller in it's second half. There's some decently suspenseful scenes to take notice of when the mansion is visited by a family doctor (Played by Angus Scrimm!) who becomes suspicious of this mysterious "Nephew" that now dwells in the mansion. Leigh Mitchell does a respectful job of playing the kidnapped victim. Dutifully being a trooper by having herself tied and gagged through most of the movie, but always having enough courage for a breakout attempt. The movie ends up getting a few more kudos for me when a few twists and turns emerge prior to the film's finale. It's is sure to have viewers (Even in this day and age) gasp at what they've just seen. And what can I say, but I just always seem to love grindhouse-type of movies that end in absolute craziness when bizarre and sublime imagery is being thrown at the viewer while being accompanied by a shrieking, mono soundtrack. I can't say I was let down when this film tagged along in repeating a conclusion like that! Even though I do recommend this movie, I feel it's best to not immediately go watching this as soon as possible. This is really one of those movies that you're best suited to check out on those days when your supply of "Movies to watch" goes on empty. Scream Bloody Murder could be the type of cinema that could bail you out in one of those situations.

Reviewed by Laydback

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