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In what looks to be 18th or 17th Century Mexico, A convent set in a countryside has one of it's nuns, Sister Maria (Cecilia Pezet) peacefully out in the woods, searching for flowers to bring back to the convent. Sister Maria soon gets a shocking surprise when she sees a naked man (Enrique Rocha) give her a greeting. Maria flees in horror and prays for forgiveness. She later sees a familiar face belonging to Marcello, a teenager who lives nearby with his grandmother. While exchanging warm words with each other, the conversation is interrupted by the stranger (Now clothed) who offers Maria an apple the same exact way Satan did to Eve. Maria, once again, flees in horror.

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Back in the convent, Maria can not seem to escape the image of the man offering the apple in her mind. To make matters worse, she later recieves a lesson on the disguises that the devil often takes and what the signs are if he is in your presence. Now feeling that Satan is in her life, Maria begins to conitinously pray and whip herself. But all this seems to do is invite more of the devil's temptation, which leads into a sexual encounter with a fellow nun. In a hallucination, the nun is revealed to be male stranger, who tells her his name, "Luzbel". Now with sinful sex on her mind, Maria is led into more evil deeds. Including taking part in the assistance of a suicide of another nun. Her path to darkness continues when she purposely leaves the convent to search for Marcello for love. The encounter between the two goes awry and Maria is now held accountable for a double murder. Now realizing that there will soon be no escape for her, she is confronted by Luzbel who tells her that the inquisition will torture and kill her if she does not give in to him. Maria makes her decision...


Though the movie ends with the kind of twist that I usually hate to see in movies, here, it's used to a satisfying effect resulting in a proper conclusion. And even though this movie lacks the explicitness seen in other notorious nunsploitation films, I still consider Satanico Pandemonium to be an excellent introduction into nunsploitation.

Reviewed by Laydback

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