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  • Stacy Kane (Meg Myles) is a stripper who is working at a carnival and wants more. Her drug addicted husband is getting on her nerves. In her dressing room he shows her some money and she steals it from him with her charming style. She then takes a plane to New York. On the flight she meets a guy and sleeps with him to get an audition for a singing job at Pepe's. Pepe (Grayson Hall) the woman who's working for the owner of the club tries to help turn Stacy into a woman. The club owner and his son fall in love with her. She has sex with both of them and lies to the both of them as well. Her ex husband shows up with a knife in his hand and wants to kill her after he sees her perform her singing show. Then she talks him into killing the club owner, but no luck, he's got a bodyguard. I've watched a lot of boring movies, but this was one of the most boring of them all. It's only my opinion, there are people out there who will like the movie. Not Recommended. --GBS
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