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  • The DVD commentary reveals that Gloria Maley's body stood in for Candace Glendenning's in the scene where snakes are seen wriggling over her
  • It was on this low-budget (£15,000) movie that make-up artist Nick Maley first met actress Gloria Walker (aka Gloria Maley) who he married in 1978. Nick credits trying to clean Gloria up, naked in the bath, after her bloody murder scene with the beginnings of their relationship. "We got to know each other rather well that night." Later Nick and Gloria wrote Horror Planet (1981), also directed by Norman Warren.
  • A fair share of the crew worked on deferred salaries.
  • Art director Hayden Pearce found the house that the bulk of the story takes place at.
  • Composer John Scott had only seven musicians to play his score.
  • The shooting script was titled Evil Heritage. It was changed to Satan's Slave prior to release and then changed back at a later date.
  • Moira Young was the film's associate producer who stepped in to perform the nude scene in the prologue when the booked actress failed to show up.
  • Candace Glendenning's last role in a theatrical feature.
  • David McGillivray wrote the script in nine days.
  • Martin Potter wore his own suit as Stephen.
  • Barbara Kellerman is dubbed by Stephanie Beacham.
  • The house used in the film was also used in the film "Virgin Witch" (1972)
  • The main location for the film's shoot, the home of Michael Gough's character, which is located in Pirbright, Surrey, was home to the Baron and Baroness De Veauce at the time of filming. It came up for sale in the mid 2000's and included the cottage seen in this film. Since filming, a large conservatory has been added to the front of the main house. The house was described as having 11 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, 7 Reception Rooms, Staff Annexe, Grooms Cottage (the one used as the cottage in Terror), an indoor stable block, all weather arena, several other outbuildings, gardens and grounds (including the woodland used in Terror) and paddocks. The total area for sale covered 32 1/2 acres. The property was sold by agents Brown and Co for an undisclosed sum, although it was expected to be a seven figure sum.
  • Candace Glendenning was 23 years old when she played her 19 year old character.

Alternate Versions

  • The original UK cinema version was heavily cut by the BBFC with edits to all stabbing scenes, the nude sacrifice, an eye gouging and shots of John's mutilated body. The 1997 Satanica video featured an alternate print which was pre-edited by the director to remove a scene where scissors are traced over a woman and restored many of the original cinema cuts, although the film was then cut by 1 minute 4 secs by the BBFC to edit a whipping scene and much of the bedroom assault. The 2004 Anchor Bay DVD restored all previous BBFC cuts.
  • For years director Warren has mentioned that a longer foreign version of Satan's Slave exists, which was much more violent than anything shown in the UK version. It appears this Continental version was used for the 1997 UK video re-issue, as there is footage in it never before seen in the UK. There is a totally new murder scene and lots more violence in the Satanic mass scenes. Basically every violent scene has newer alternative more gory takes: Martin Potter's eye gauging is notably much more graphic in the video. Unfortunately whereas the censors passed footage deemed too violent to submit to them in 1976, they cut 1 minute 4 seconds of footage that they were willing to pass for its orginal X rated cinema and video release. These cuts include most of Potter's sexual assault on his first girlfriend, and some whipping and branding in the flashback witchfinder sequence. Ironically the orginal UK cinema version was appearing with these cuts intact on cable TV around the same time as the cut video re-release.

Passed uncut in 2004 by the BBFC

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