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  • Ken Adam based his designs for Wallenberg's house on his memories of his parents' home in Berlin before the war.
  • After the girl who is foaming at the mouth is brought away, Teresa Ann Savoy is seen wearing a dress that is a near exact copy of one Joan Crawford wore in Grand Hotel (1932). The original Crawford dress had been designed by Adrian.
  • In the English-language version of the director's cut, the restored footage (with the prison cells, the sex circus beforehand, and a few other graphic sexual scenes) is in Italian. This is because these scenes were not included in the original, censored English version and only the Italian soundtrack exists.
  • German actress Brigitte Skay was originally cast as a Hungarian countess but refused the role after Tinto Brass asked her to show him her backside. Consequently the character was written out of the movie.
  • The dinner-jacketed client throwing the penile-shaped darts at the girl in the brothel is an uncredited Aldo Valletti, who is best remembered for his role as the debauched President in Pasolini's Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma (1975).
  • Richard Crenna was originally cast as Cliff but left during the filming and was replaced by John Ireland.
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