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Newlyweds Michel and Olga (Ángel Caballero,Uta Koepke) make the mistake of entering a "No Trespassing zone" which results in Olga being a prisoner in a down & dirty female prison run by Magda (played by everyone's favorite transsexual, Ajita Wilson). While Michel figures out what the hell just happened, Governor Mendoza (Antonio Mayans, billed here as Robert Foster) pays a visit to this hellhole to look for a prisoner to take home for some kinky needs. Mendoza's wife, Loba (Gina Janssen) badly wants a child, but the Gov. is sexually incompetent and It'll take some seriously disturbing sleaze (Involving a dog!) to finally get the guy functioning correctly. As this is going on, a cellmate of Olga's named Tara (Ursula Buchfellner) finds herself being bounced around from the Governor's place to a brothel run by gay-owner Lucas (Jess Franco himself!) as if things weren't bad enough at the prison, Tara ends up getting mutilated by the miner/customers and her fate is in the balance.


Back to Olga's hubby, Michel. Michel is told by the local authorities that they can't intervene because he trespassed (I'M KIDDING) so he decides to break Olga out himself. But things don't go as smoothly though because he winds up in Magda's hands for the good ol' obligatory pleasure test, which he ends up passing. Nevertheless, he's ordered to be thrown into the dungeon and makes his own escape and finally locates Olga. With the help another inmate nicknamed Conito (Andrea Guzon) the trio will finally get to wreck vengeance on the prison, the governor's crib and the brothel.

Let it be known that the first couple of Jess Franco flicks I saw had me disappointed. Keep in mind that what I mean by disappointing, I mean by being letdown by the "Sleaze/Trash" factor that was Franco's reputation. Which really wasn't evident in a few of his movies like Venus in Furs or (The Director's cut of) 99 Women. But I'm here to say that instead of seeing "The Light", I can now see "The Sleaze"! And this here flick certainly brings it. I mean, you can't go wrong when you have a Women-In-Prison flick which has BOTH the prisoners and guards completely topless right? What more could you want?

Sex scenes? (Check). Same-sex scenes? (Check). Transsexual sex scenes? (Check). Torture? (Check). Bestiality? (Ummm...Check!). In short, put this sucker on play if you want all the above (And then some)

Reviewed by Laydback

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