Roxy Twin

From The Grindhouse Cinema Database

Roxy Twin: There were two Roxy theaters on 42nd St. One right next to the New Amsterdam theater at the eastern end of the block and a second location which was sandwiched between the Empire and Anco theaters at the western end. I believe both of these locations were smaller 'storefront' businesses rather than occupying traditional theater spots. One of the Roxys appears to be a porno house whereas the other showed a mixture of XXX and kung fu movies. The eastern theater was housed in the space next to the infamous' Blackjack Books'. The western located theater was converted into a 6 six multiplex which was renamed Movieplex 42 and opened in 1994. However, the new guise was to be shortlived as the theater was closed in 1996 and has since been demolished in 42nd Streets remodelling.