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Desperately seeking a new sound, an orchestra manager named Steve Hollis (Johnny Johnston) just happens to hear about a famous dance party going on while driving through the countryside. The sounds of "Rock and Roll" is completely new to him and he's blown away by the stage act of Bill Haley and The Comets (Often credited as "Haley's Comets" through most of the film) along with the snappy moves of two dancing siblings, Lisa and Jimmy Johns (Lisa Gaye and Earl Barton). Feeling a big breakout success with this group and sound, Steve spends the rest of the movie in a tug-of-war with his boss,Corinne (Alix Talton) who refuses to give The Comets the limelight. All it takes is some exposure by a down south disc jockey, Alan Freed (Playing himself) and it's guaranteed that "Rock and Roll is here to stay".


It's a safe bet that one would only find enjoyment from this movie just to see the birth of the rock'n'roll movement as well as musical performances from The Platters and The Comets (Plus it should be noted that Bill Haley actually has more dialogue than expected) other than that, there's not much else to see. Oh, unless you happen to be fans of "Tony Martinez and his band" and "Freddie Bell and the Bellhops" too.

Reviewed by Laydback

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