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  • Hope Holiday was primarily cast in this film because she was Cameron Mitchell's girlfriend at the time.
  • Jim Wynorski cut the American theatrical trailer for this movie.
  • Director Edward D. Murphy showed this film to Chuck Norris at a private screening.
  • The first treatment of the script was written under the title "Kung-Fu Zombies." Moreover, a treatment was written for a possible sequel that would have starred Jonathan Winters as the ex-husband of Hope Holiday's character. Cameron Mitchell would have also returned as Capt. Harry Dodds in the sequel.
  • Camille Keaton was paid in cash for the small part that she plays in this film.
  • Director Edward D. Murphy choreographed the big fight scene in the bar.
  • This movie opened in 150 theaters on the East Coast.
  • Director Edward D. Murphy personally took the negative with him on the plane ride back to America after shooting on this picture wrapped in the Philippines.
  • This is a must see film for its many shots of a Grumman Albatross amphibian.
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