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  • The title 'Q' is short for Quetzlcoatl, the Aztec god who was half reptile and half bird.
  • This was the first production for the new AIP (Arkoff International Pictures).
  • Writer/director Larry Cohen, according to interviews, once looked at the Chrysler Building and said, "That'd be the coolest place to have a nest." This single thought was the idea which began the creation of this movie.
  • Pre-production for the movie lasted just one week. The film was conceived after Larry Cohen was fired from a low budget film shooting in New York. Cohen, determined not to waste the hotel room he had paid for, hired the actors and prepared a shooting script within six days.
  • With tongue planted firmly in cheek, the jewel store that the bad guys rob in the early part of the film is called "Neil Diamonds."
  • Final film of Tony Page.
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