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A group of kids (Nick, Wendy, Jude and Kelly) play a game in an old house where nobody lives anymore. Alex and his sisters Robin and Kim pass by (on the way to school) and see the others playing. Kim has forgot a book at home and tells them to go on. Alex wants to go to school but Robin wants to play with the others. She enters the old building and finds

Nick and he chants out to the others to come over to Robin. They join Nick and begin to chant: "Kill, kill, kill..." and "The Killers are coming." Robin tries to run away but they are relentless. She goes backwards onto a window sill but suddenly the window breaks and she falls outside and ends up dead. The kids make a pact to never talk about this to anyone and drive away on their bicycles. But somebody else saw the death of Robin (that name I won't tell you). Six years later all the grown up kids get a telephone call from a stranger and after hanging up he crosses out each name on his list. Now everybody is getting ready for Prom Night. Who will survive? Who's the unknown killer? Does Jamie Lee Curtis get naked in this film?

I saw this movie the last time in the 90's. It seemed more horrifying, more brutal and more bloody in my memory (maybe when you get older, you see things different, haha). The beginning with the kids playing in that old house, that was great filmmaking. After that the movie got boring but after 1 hour the film got its glory back. Jamie Lee Curtis played every actor down to the ground. Sorry but I only like Leslie Nielson in comedies. But nevertheless it's a movie you have to see. It has its up and downs and some people call it a Cult Film. And always remember: If you're not back by midnight... you won't be coming home.

Reviewed by GBS - 02/28/08

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