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Three nurses in training, Spring (Katherine Cannon), Lola (Joyce Williams) and Lynn (Pegi Boucher) each set out to find some romance when they're not working at the hospital. Lynn (At the moment) picks blumbering, child-like, Dewey (Paul Hampton) Lola hooks up with Dr. Elton (Herb Jefferson Jr.) and Spring gets involved with a slightly-off-his rocker 'Nam Vet named Domino (Dennis Redfield) and it appears that each guy has some personal issues. As already mentioned, Domino seems to have a death wish with his reckless motorcross driving. Dr. Elton is hellbent on getting across the message that Lola's hospital is guilty of racial discrimination, and...Dewey's just a wacko. Since Lynn's romance with him isn't going anywhere, she gets semi-involved with a married paramedic to solve a case involving a mysterious dead body that has washed up on the beach.

That's basically the whole movie, folks. What little drama and action there is in this movie seems to only involve the male characters. The "Private Duty Nurses" are just standing on the side (Looking just as dumbfounded as we are) watching the boredom play out. And I definetly wouldn't call this sexploitation. Yes, there's a lil' bit of T&A from our three leads, but in no way is any of it gratiuitous. Since this was a quick cash-in on the soon-to-bloom "Nurse" franchise, it's safe to say that future installments of the "Nurse series" learned from the mistakes of this one and vowed to add in some action...And more sex. Don't bother with this one unless you're a completist.

Reviewed by Laydback - 3/31/08

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