Planet of The Vampires

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Main Details

  • Released in 1965
  • Color
  • Running Time: 86 min | Italy:88 min
  • Production Co: America-International Pictures (AIP) | Castilla Cooperativa Cinematográfica | Italian International Film
  • Distribution Co: American International Pictures (AIP) (1965) (USA) (theatrical) (dubbed) | Astral Films (1965) (Canada) (theatrical) (dubbed)
  • Directed by Mario Bava
  • Written by Mario Bava, Alberto Bevilacqua, Callisto Cosulich, Louis M. Heyward, Ib Melchior, Renato Pestriniero, Antonio Román, Rafael J. Salvia
  • Starring Barry Sullivan, Norma Bengell, Ángel Aranda, Evi Marandi, Stelio Candelli, Ivan Rassimov
  • Produced by Samuel Z. Arkoff, Salvatore Billitteri, Fulvio Lucisano, James H. Nicholson
  • Original Music by Gino Marinuzzi Jr.
  • Cinematography by Antonio Pérez Olea, Antonio Rinaldi, Mario Bava (uncredited)
  • Film Editing by Romana Fortini, Antonio Gimeno

Also Known As

  • Demon Planet | La Planète des vampires (France) | Planet der Vampire (Germany) | Planet of Blood | O Planeta dos Vampiros (Brazil) | Schrecken im Weltall (Germany) | Space Mutants | Terror en el espacio (Spain) | Terror in Space | The Haunted Planet | The Haunted World | The Outlawed Planet | The Planet of Terror | The Planet of the Damned


  • This was the day the universe trembled before the demon forces of the killer planet!
  • 10,000 YEARS AGO, or 10,000 YEARS to COME, Are they beings of the Future or of the Past, these "men" who rule the DEMON PLANET?
  • Outlaw Planet on a Killer Orbit!
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