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  • There’s a rather ”innocent” youth pink film hiding under this embarrasing Nikkatsu title. The ”storyline” is about a bunch of girls who run a successful barber shop. Their winning formula is to offer more through less, less referring to the length of their skirts. That’s extra value without extra cost; straight from the entrepreneurship ABC. Pink Cut is easily better than your worst Nikkatsu junk, but its still not a very exciting film. Too much sex and zero character depth. Some scenes are rather funny, though, and the girls are not bad looking (one of the leads, Mai Inoue, actually resembling the pop star Momoe Yamaguchi). The film also benefits from having some good pop songs here and there and a half-adequate kawaii-factor with bright colours and cute teddy bears dominating the backgrouds of many shots. All this is probably thanks to director Yoshimitsu Morita, who had a handful of non-exploitation efforts on his record before his pink vacation. He later returned to the mainstream scene with films such as Family Game (1983), Main Theme (1984) and Tsubaki Sanjuro (2007). Another A-film connection is the assistant director Shusuke Kaneko, who helmed a few pink films on his own in the late 80’s before gaining name with Summer Vacation 1999 and several Gamera films. --HungFist
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