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Original music by Goblin and members Claudio Simonetti and Fabio Pignatelli.

TRACK LISTING: A1.Phenomena- Claudio Simonetti A2.Jennifer- Goblin A3.The Wind- Goblin A4.Sleepwalking- Goblin A5.Insects- Fabio Pignatelli A6.Jennifer's Friend- Goblin B1.Phenomena (Film Version 1)- Claudio Simonetti B2.Jennifer (End Titles)- Goblin B3.The Wind (Film Versions)- Goblin B4.Sleepwalking (Alternate)- Goblin B5.Insects (Film Versions)- Fabio Pigantelli B6.Jennifer's Friend- Goblin B7.Phenomena (Piano Solo)- Claudio Simonetti

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