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Perrak (1970, West Germany) is a Crime-Thriller directed by Alfred Vohrer. Perrak.jpg

Main Details

  • Released April 17, 1970 (West Germany; November 1975- US)
  • Color
  • Running time: 92 minutes (West Germany; 84 minutes- US)
  • Production Co.: Roxy Film
  • Distribution Co.: Gloria (West Germany) | Hampton International | Independent International Pictures
  • Directed by Alfred Vohrer
  • Written by Manfred Purzer
  • Starring: Horst Tappert, Werner Peters, Hubert Suschka

Plot Summary

  • Rough-and-ready vice detective Perrak has to follow a 1000 leads during the investigation of a transvestite murder case. In a profoundly mysterious massage parlor he meets industrialist wife Claire Imhoff.


  • Ein pulvertrockener Sittenreißer!
  • Chained to the deadliest passions! Lashed by the wildest hungers! Hard women are something else! The wilder they are the harder they fall!

Also Known As

  • Hard Women
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