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Madam Sue (with her thick, Eastern-European accent) explains in her narrative voiceover about the process of running the escort business in New York's Time Square. Things seem to be going just fine until a mobster named "Carney Bill" (a Bob Cresse look-alike!) gets greedy in wanting a high percentage of the girls' cut. Sue holds a meeting with her gal pals and all are in agreement that things should continue the way they are without Carney Bill's intervention. But Bill and his goons retaliate by disposing of the various girls one by one. They're shot, hanged and stabbed (or as Madam Sue says due to her accent, "Stab-Bed") But Sue and the remaining girls aren't going to quietly back down from the escalating violence. And as they trailer-voiceover mentions, "The girls fight back. And how! You can't miss it!"

Director/Producer Barry Mahon made a name for himself through the 1960's with various sex-oriented films and early "Red Scare" movies. Mahon also had a bit of a knack for including scenes of violence that are even found in the most innocent of his nudie cuties. But once he padded his resume with the works he had made in New York, the material began to get a little darker. As seen with the likes of Some Like It Violent (which he produced) Or The Sex Killer (which he directed), you began to see a trend in what to expect with a Mahon film. And certainly, no punches were pulled with P.P.S. as it contains the most highest bodycount seen an East Coast sexploitation film from this time! What really works about this film is how serious it tries to be as a crime/action flim even though it's clearly in the realm of regular sexploitation from start to finish.

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The standard elements of your B&W, '60's sex flick are all there:

  • The sexy ladies posing or bathing at any moment.
  • The lesbian make-out scene.
  • The ladies having a conversation (Including serious plot-points) wearing nothing but lingerie or their birthday suits.

There's even one strange "Time-Out" moment that occurs in the film where the girls suddenly decide to do some nude sun-tanning out in "The country" (even though it's obviously done in a studio/stage) amidst all the violent chaos going around them! Another easy target to have fun with regarding this film is the acting. The awful line-reading from many of the girls definitely redefines the term, "So bad it's good". And you can't have an enjoyable flick like this without the inclusion of several familiar-looking starlets. Actually, most of the same girls that appear in this movie have also showed up in personally favorite short-film called "Instant Orgy". And judging by the similar underwear that they're wearing, I now wonder how many days apart these features were shot!

But what the film lacks in expertise is made up with the pacing. This is definitely one of the most fastest-moving, 62-minute exploitation films I've ever seen. Believe me, there's plenty of similar films out there that contain the same length, but feel like they're HOURS long. P.P.S. seems to never let go from it's opening Tommy Gun-slaughter to the climactic castration! P.P.S. is certainly one of the most entertaining sex/crime hybrids that you'll ever come across in going through the relics of early sexploitation cinema, New York Style!

Reviewed by Laydback

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