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  • Ikuo Sekimoto’s previous film (Story of a Nymphomaniac) was so utterly worthless that I didn’t dare to set my hopes very high this time. But Ooku Ukiyoburo isn’t all bad. The most promising part comes around 30 minutes when several moody, audio visually beautiful scenes follow each other. There’s also a bit of storyline and a half-epic shogun’s inner palace setting. But, of course, the endless sex scenes are hard to survive without falling asleep. If 20 minutes of humping was edited out from the current 80 min running time Ooku Ukiyoburo might be a rather decent erotic period drama. Now it’s watchable and occasionally impressive, but takes some effort. The film stars Masaru Shinga and Eiko Matsuda (In the Real of the Senses). --Hung Fist
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