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A wacko cult-leader named Thomas Reanhauer (Bill Roy) finds himself suffering a heart attack during an attempt to resurrect a rotting corpse (Couldn't come at a worse time, right?) Though the attack wasn't fatal, Reanhauer, against his wishes, is forced to endure surgery--Which he ends up dying from. Since he didn't want this surgery in the first place, he ends up being pissed off in the afterlife and wants revenge on the surgeons who killed him! Even though Reanhauer wasn't able to revitalize the rotting corpse, he somehow is able to have enough power to make his soul leap into a nearby nurse--And that nurse happens to go by the name of Sherri (Jill Jacobson) who ends up doing Reanhauer's deadly deeds! So while the possessed nurse (Complete with the good ol' demonic voice) goes around town slashing various Medical Doctors, the spirit of Reanhauer is also able to simutaneously torment one of the cultists, now a whino, named Stevens (J.C. Wells) which results in a car chase! Boy, this movie's all over the place! Who could possibly save the day in this one? Here's your hero....A blind football player! Yes, indeed. One of the hospital's patients, Marcus Washington (Prentiss Moulden) tragically got in a car wreck which has left him currently blind. But he's got a background in voodoo and, thanks to some shagging done by Nurse Tara (Marilyn Joi), she's able get some voodoo basics which could solve the problem of Sherri's nutty behavior.

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This was all from the mind of producer Sam Sherman, who wanted to cash in on the big "Nurse" genre that was popular at the time and wanted to spice things up by adding a horror twist (Brian DePalma's CARRIE was also a co-influence) and with the help of friend & filmmaking partner, Al Adamson, they ended up making wonders with this dumb, but highly entertaining slice of B-movie greatness. But for a REAL entertaining time, I highly suggest in tracking down the alternate version of the movie (Which was the ORIGINAL cut of NURSE SHERRI) found in my review of the DVD. See you there!

Reviewed by Laydback

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