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  • SPOILER: The original edit of the film included scenes a helicopter rescue of the remaining students after two were killed by the Bigfoot monster. The rescue sequence was headed by the town Sheriff (Paul Kelleher) and was followed by a scene between the Sheriff and Crazy Wanda (Melanie Graham) outside her cabin during which the Sheriff assures Crazy Wanda that Bigfoot is still alive and well. Those scenes were cut when the initial distributor determined that the film would be more commercial if all of students were killed by Bigfoot in a climatic bloodbath; except one who would live to tell the tale. As a result of these post-production changes, Paul Kelleher ("Deadly Pursuit", "Moonlight Murders") appears only briefly as the Sheriff in a walk-on bit when the students first arrive in the village. However, he is listed as a member of the principle cast in the opening credits which were completed before the alternate ending was inserted into the film.
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